About KittenWalk and Cajsa

KittenWalk has been in buisness since january 2005, but has changed name twice and developed and grown a lot since then.
It all started when I saw a site where someone had made a My Scene Chelsea into Lara Croft. I love Tomb Raider and I was amazed by her work. So I wanted to do the same. I never finished that Lara doll, but I started sewing other doll clothes. My first attempts was really bad because I couldn't make patterns. So I bought a book with Barbie patterns, and I was hooked.
At first my mother helped me a lot and we made new patterns and I started buying more dolls. Somehow I got the idea that I should try selling some clothes on Tradera (swedish site like Ebay), and they sold! I was so happy and it encouraged me to make more. For the money I got I bought new fabrics and materials. And the hobby started supporting itself.
Sometime in early summer 2005 I discovered Pullips, thanks to a regular customer who turned into a good friend. Before that I was only hooked by the clothes and sewing, but now I was also hooked by dolls. And I love it!
It was when I started sewing for Pullips that I changed name from "Dockans.com" to "KittenWalk" and made the site intirely in english.
I have discovered many other dolls on the way, like Obitsu and Momoko. And hopefully more will come along :)

The Clothes are all made with lots of love and detail. It's important to me not only that they look good but also that they are of good quality so that they last long. Therefore I use only high quality materials. When I handpaint fabric I use good quality paint and seal by ironing it. All ribbons are carefully melted at the ends so they don't fray.
Most of the clothes closes in back with fine velcro. I'm allways on the look out for even thinner velcro. Because it's important for me that the clothes look good in the back as well as anywhere else.

Cajsa Nordlund