These are my dolls


Elise (Luts Senior Delf Dahlia)
Face-up: Mjusi

Mirella (Luts Honey Delf Lolly)

Nirma (B&G Freya) 60 cm, SD

Luma (DikaDoll Blanca ver. 3) 40 cm, MSD


Lory Shelli Lee (Cornice)
about 30 cm.

Rawnie (costumised Nomado)
about 30 cm.

Lindselyn (Greggia)
about 30 cm.

Mijja (Little Leprotto)
about 12 cm.


Mana, Painted by: Bev Horn,
based on a picture of Mana from Malice Mizer.
Head: W-01, pale
Body: Normal, pale
27 cm.

Lara, Painted by: Bev Horn
based on a picture of Lara Croft.
Head: W-01.
Body: SB2.
27 cm.

Una, painted by me.
23 cm.

Inanno, painted by me.
Head: Muffin
Body: 11 cm


Noniko (Wild and sexy tune) 27 cm.

Primla (Groovy Baby) 27 cm.


Chicca/Sofia, a 40 cm Tyco doll

Silkstone, Highland Fling

Tiny Drew, Betsy McCall

Imelda, Juku Couture, Jakks Pacific

Waiting for:


Moved out (sold):

Mimiso (costumised Venus)

Pennie, painted by me.
Head: W-01, pale
Body: Normal, pale

Waverly, aka Vivvi (Jupi)

Amelina (Papin)

Kimmu, Classmate Takeru


Cajsa Nilsson