How to order

Every set or piece of clothing has it's own number (for example #DO103), when you know what you want to order you just email me and tell me the numbers of what you want.
You will then get an email from me, with your total and my paypal adress.

How to pay

International: I accept only PayPal. (If you don't have PayPal I would really recomend getting it, it's free and really useful).
Swedish buyers: I accept PayPal or payments to my bank account.


Shipping is usually $2-4 worldwide. Please ask if you have any questions.


You must be at least 18 years old to buy. If you are not, please ask your parents to do it for you.

1/3 clothes size

There are a lot of different brands of 1/3 dolls. Most of them have about the same meassurements, so my clothes should hopefully fit your doll too. Allthough I can not guarantee anything.
My 1/3 doll is of the brand "Boy & Girl", with the type 2 body.
Height (including head): 60cm
Neck size:  8.5cm
Shoulder width:  10cm
Arm length: 16cm
Chest:  22.5cm
Waist: 17cm
Hip:  25cm
Leg length:  30cm
Thigh: 14cm
Foot length:  7cm


Cajsa Nilsson